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Published on April 17th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Xbox 360 Unreal Tournament 3 Gets Exclusive Content

Epic hasn’t forgotten about UT3 for the Xbox 360 which launched last year for the PC/PS3. Unreal Tournament 3 will launch with exclusive content when it releases for the Xbox 360 June 30, 2008.

UT3 will come with five exclusive maps, two new characters and split-screen for two player action with a friend.

But it is still missing something. The mod support which the PC/PS3 version supports seems to be absent from the Xbox 360 version. Mods is what really makes the game and to not have this in my opinion is the same as shipping a incomplete game. You still get the same fast pace action Unreal is known for though.

I’m sure the mod community will recreate this maps for the PC/PS3 shortly after it releases so no mod support for the Xbox 360 which greatly extends the game is a big letdown.

Source: Ripten

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