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Published on March 26th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Two New Soul Calibur IV Female Characters

Two new female fighters join the roster of Soul Calibur 4 and their names are Scheherezade and Angol Fia.

Scheherezade looks like an elf warrior while Angol Fia looks dressed to impress on her way to the fight.

There are screenshots below for each chracter. We only have the concept art for Angol Fia that was posted in Shonen Age while we have in-game shots for Scheherezade thanks to Game Watch.

What do you think? I’m already going to buy SCIV when it releases but I like the designs of the new characters.

Angol FiaScheherezade 1Scheherezade 2Scheherezade 3Scheherezade 4Scheherezade 5

Source: Kotaku

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