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Published on March 18th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Persona 4 Announced, MGS1 To Hit PSN

Famitsu is bringing good news today with the announcement of Persona 4 for the PS2 and that Metal Gear Solid 1 will hit the PSN soon and will be playable with the PSP.

Persona 3 will well received, a game I hope to find time for in the future and Persona 4 is looking to good as well. I was hoping for the next-gen jump but with Persona 4 providing 60-70 hours of gameplay I don’t think anyone will mind.

Details for Persona 4 provided by Famitsu are:

  • Trailer on DVD
  • July 10th release
  • 85% Complete
  • Looks like Persona 3 but better
  • 180+ Personas
  • Hashino is directing, Soejima is art director and character designer, Meguro is composing
  • Takes place in the countryside, a more nostalgic environment
  • The theme is murder mystery/suspense, it’s a mystery thriller with twists and turns
  • Multiple endings
  • 1.5x the size of P3
  • 60-70 hours
  • There is a weather forecast system, and whenever there is a fog, a murder occurs

Everything confirmed so far is for Japan but I’m sure Metal Gear Solid 1 and Persona 4 will make their way around the world.

Source: Akayuki

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