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Published on March 14th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Details

I surprised about this to be honest. I didn’t expect Rockstar to have this much in store for us in regards to the multiplayer. In the GTAForums someone scanned the latest issue of PSM from Spain and it revealed a good chunk about the multiplayer.

Below is the translation with full thanks going to the forum member who translated everything.

  • There are 15 multiplayer game modes in GTA IV. PSM had an opportunity to play 7 of them. The rules of each game are determined by the host.
  • Multiplayer supports upto 16 players.
  • Your online character is fully customizable. You can alter his race, sex, hair, clothing etc.

The game modes featured are as follows:
1. Hangman’s NOOSE
2. Car Jack City
3. Bomb da Base
4. Bomb da Base II
5. Mafia Work
6. Team Mafia Work
7. Deathmatch
8. Team Deathmatch
9. Turf War
10. Cops N Crooks
11. Race
12. GTA Race
13. Deal Breaker
14. Free Mode
15. ????

  • In Race and GTA Race, the host gets to decide which vehicles are involved, and the number of laps to be played. You can shoot and throw molotovs from the window, and even steal your rivals’ car.
  • In Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, the host gets to decide the number of pedestrians, the amount of traffic, the intervention of police (or not), and the type of weapons.
  • In Cops N Crooks, one team play as cops and the other play as criminals. The cops must stop the criminals from escaping. They can monitor the locations of the criminals on their GPS systems, while the criminals don’t know where the cops are.
  • In Mafia Work and Team Mafia Work, you play as one of Kenny Petrovic’s mafia henchmen. You must complete hits ordered by the boss (via the cellphone) before your rivals are able to do so.
  • The map used in multiplayer is the same map that is used for single player.
  • A single-player mission called “Hangman’s NOOSE” features co-op. You and your friends will be able to escort a mobster, while being pursused by a SWAT team.

Is this going to be the best Grand Theft Auto yet, yes it will. With this much in store for us the I can’t wait to get this into my own hands and finally be able to play it.

Just a little over a month to go now, are you excited yet?

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  1. Vanda Coxe says:

    I’ll be back again, thanks for the info.

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