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Published on March 4th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Big Playstation Store Changes This April

The bottom line the Playstation Store (PSN) could be a lot better. In an interview with Gamasutra Sony executive John Hight confirmed that this April the PSN will see some major changes.

We give [Sony’s interface team] a lot of feedback based on how our customers are reacting to things, and I think you will see a pretty big change in the PlayStation Network in the early part of April, where we roll out some new interface stuff largely based on customer feedback.

Simplification, cutting down on the number of mouse clicks, making it easier to find stuff that you want to find… that’s kind of an outgrowth of us having more content now, so we have to make sure that you can get at it easily.

Rumor has it that this new interface will be more like the SingStar’s SingStore which is a lot better then the current PSN.

April is only a month away so we’ll see what changes they make then.

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