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Published on March 1st, 2008 | by Daniel David

Operation Broken Mirror Details

Incognito has continued to impress me on the level of support they are giving to Warhawk. In an interview with Kotaku Dylan Jobe talks about Operation Broken Mirror.

The armored personnel carrier is the talk of the show right now. The APC is a mobile spawing point and weapons producer. Its best feature is gigantic bubble shield it can produce that is a couple hundred feet wide.

The bubble shield won’t allow enemies to shoot inside but you can shoot from inside. If a Warhawk gets to close it will become unstable and explode. When you respawn from the APC you get additional equipment.

The APC doesn’t have any weapons but it does contain a turbo boost.  Jobe himself said the turbo boost turn the APC into a giant missle.

Broken Mirror will come will a new battlefield with ten layouts and additional layouts for the pre-existing maps.

While Broken Mirror is still being tested we might see this by the end of March or the first half of April.

Are you excited yet I know I am.

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