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Published on February 21st, 2008 | by Daniel David

GDC 2008: Warhawk Plans

Dylan Jobe, Game Director for Warhawk talked about future plans for Warhawk.

Operation Broken Mirror is a booster pack confirmed already which will have a new vehicle, the APC. The APC will act as a portable spawn point and equipment producer. Broken Mirror will also have a new map.

New game modes are planned and they will be included for free in patches or updates when they occur.

Jobe said they are willing to support the game as long as players continue to play the game and want new content. They have thought about making split deliveries where some content is free and some things if you want you can pay for.

Even though they dropped single-player Jobe said that doesn’t mean it will never happen. If they do single-player it will probably be for a new product. Jobe said if they can further the franchise they will take advantage of it.

Warhawk has easily been one of best multiplayer games for the PS3 and there will be plenty of content to come. That APC sounds sweet doesn’t it.

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