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Published on February 20th, 2008 | by Daniel David

GDC 2008: Microsoft Keynote Overview

Microsoft announced some pretty cool things today. We have a release date for everyone favorite ninja and cool things to come for Xbox Live.

Community Games Coming To Xbox Live:

Now you access to games created by other gamers by the XNA will be available for the Xbox Live. The best part about this is that these games are going to be reviewed by you, the gamers. Seven games should be available to day.

XNA Games Zune Compatible:

If you have a Zune you can play XNA games with you on the go. Also with XNA you can build multiplayer games that are compatible with the Zune. You can take games from Windows to Xbox to Zune or however you want to do it.

Ninja Gaiden 2 Releases Worldwide In June, June 3 For North America:

Team Ninja’s Tomonobu Itagaki confirmed that Ninja Gaiden 2 has a worldwide release this June. Ninja cinema lets you record your gameplay is unveiled.

Unreal Engine 3:

Epic talked a little about the Unreal Engine 3 and some improvements they have made to the engine. New ambient lighting techniques, better water technology, and they have added Ageia’s soft body physics tools. Real-time structural analysis tools has been added to support destructible environments.

Fable 2:

Peter Molyneux demos the game. A roulette type game for Fable 2 will release to the Xbox Live Arcade a few weeks before they release Fable 2 (no release date) and the money you earn can be used for the game. You can be a woman this time, get married, get pregnant and have children. Co-op is confirmed, the henchmen you play is based on your hero and the experience you earn co-op carries over to your game.

Your co-op friend can kill your family so be careful who you play with.

Gears of War 2 Announced:

Although we knew early Cliffy B announced Gears of War 2. A teaser for the game was showed which should be available on Xbox Live right now.

This pretty much concludes the keynote. I think XNA is going to take off and titles Gears of War 2 which we know was coming is nice to know that we get it this year. Release dates for Ninja Gaiden 2 is good also but to know when Fable 2 releases would have been nice.

There was no megaton announcement but there’s nothing bad about that. What do you think? Were you expecting more or are you let down by this keynote?

The entire keynote is available over iTunes and highlights should be on Xbox Live today as well.

Source: Kotaku and Major Nelson

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