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Published on February 18th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Warhawk v1.3 Patch Details

Dylan Jobe is back on the Playstation Blog to talk about the newest patch v1.3 for Warhawk and states in the very beginning that this is all free. It is a rather long post but I’ll summarize what new they are adding to the game and I have to say I’m pretty excited.

  • Mechanic’s Field Wrench will be able to repair your vehicles fast and damage your enemies if you get the chance. It also is a melee weapon with one-hit kills just like the knife.
  • Bio-Field Generator is like a proximity mine which you can stick to walls and ceilings and even vehicles. Its main purpose is heal anybody within its range quickly. This can also hurt enemies who walk into range also.
  • Home Game Launching will be available. You and your clans can meet in their apartments, talk about all you want and launch a game of Warhawk from Home. You can launch private game with just your friends or make it public for everyone. Games launched in Home will display in gold.
  • New VOIP Options like selecting between PTT and Open-Mic will be available. You can now adjust the voice activation level so that it doesn’t pick up everything in the background. You can see who’s talking as it will be displayed on the right side of the screen. All-talk will be an option so you can cross-team talk. They will display who is talking at the score screen and they will let you mute/un-mute who you want.
  • New Paint Schemes & Insignias will be available.

Right now they are testing v1.3 and will update as soon as they have the official release date. Incognito has been doing a great job on Warhawk and each time I take a little time away from it stuff like this pops up to bring me right back.

I’m also surprised about all of the Home details they talked about which I think that Home may be ready to go pretty soon. The Mechanic’s Field Wrench and the Bio-Field Generator are going to add another level to gameplay too. All we can do now is wait for a solid release date.

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