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Published on February 18th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Blu-Ray Drive for Xbox 360 by May '08?

With the imminent demise of HD-DVD soon at hand, could Microsoft have Blu-Ray in it’s plans sooner than expected? Word around the campfire points to yes…

Insiders at Microsoft in the USA have told SmartHouse that Microsoft has already configured a standalone Blu-ray player that can be connected into an Xbox 360 and that subject to internal marketing and sales approvals the model could be on sale within 3 months.

The Company has also been working on a built in Blu-ray player however insiders are claiming that Microsoft see the HD format battle moving online with consumers offered 1080p movie and content files as a download as opposed to having to buy a HD DVD or Blu-ray disc.

It be a swift move, only months behind the announcement of HD DVD’s final blow, but it would also be a good one. If Microsoft can get the drives to consumers for $179.99 or less like the HD DVD drive (currently on clearance if you really, really want one), it could be a major add-on.

Xbox 360 gamers with HDTVs will jump all over this like hot cakes now that the format war is over, so the faster this hits the market, the better.

Honestly, I don’t even see this as a rumor, as Microsoft has hinted toward Blu-Ray possibilities for years now. This was more of an expectation, dependent on whether or not Blu-Ray won the format war.

Blu-ray Xbox 360 Planned By Microsoft [Smarthouse]

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