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Published on February 6th, 2008 | by Daniel David

The Real Sackboy

Wow now this is awesome. On Media Molecule’s Blog, the makers behind LittleBigPlanet one of the artist mom made an actual Sackboy. Like in the picture above. Click thumbnails below for the full image.

She even went and made the Chinese Dragon outfit too. This is great work here and she got every detail in there too.

I can tell you right now if these went on sale I’d buy one immediately. In matter of fact I want one now.


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8 Responses to The Real Sackboy

  1. D'Juan says:

    I want one, and I want it NOW!

  2. D'Juan says:

    I want one, and I want it NOW!

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  4. Wes Lachat says:

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