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Published on February 1st, 2008 | by Daniel David

Burnout Paradise Online Requires HDD

This is a little something that has gone unnoticed but if you are a Xbox 360 Core or Arcade owner then this is for you. If you plan on buying Burnout Paradise and plan to join the fun online you’re going to need a hard drive for that one.

The reason behind this is because Burnout has variety of things it needs to do like environment caching and streaming to make online play smooth. Without the hard drive this could not be possible.

It does say that a hard drive is required on the back of the box but most people are never going to notice it to begin with. I hate for this kind of thing to continue because this is going to leave out more Core and Arcade owners out in cold.

You have been warned, no hard drive no on-line play. I still recommend picking this game up since Burnout is plenty fun and not having a hard drive shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a great single player experience.

Source:  Xbox 360 Fanboy

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