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Published on January 23rd, 2008 | by Daniel David

Final Fantasy XIII Demo Planned

Final Fantasy XIII is probably the RPG many people bought a PS3 for or are going to and Square-Enix doesn’t want to disappoint you. Coming from the latest Dengeki and Famitsu Magazines is that a demo for FFXIII is planned to release this year.

Pigtail Girl

There is no indication as to when this demo will drop much less a release date so I wouldn’t expect this anytime soon. The main purpose of this demo is give players a chance to experience the battle system they have crafted for this game.

Along with the demo is also a bit more information on FFXIII. Tetsuya Nomura has promised that:

2008 will be the year. There will be tons of news bits, info on characters and summons, and an unexpected connection between the keywords Cocoon and Furushi.

Mr. 33cm

Other information translated so far are:

  • FFXIII theme is determination
  • Farushi: their existence surpasses humans
  • Rushi: Those chosen by Farushi to carry out missons. The pigtail girl is a Rushi.
  • Farushi is not the Crystal.
  • Mr. 33cm is also a Rushi
  • This time summons are in digital form
  • A new monster that looks like a cross between a turtle and  a elephant
  • The red thing on Carbuncle’s head is a ruby
  • Hint on release date, “I wonder when we’ll be able to sleep.

Here are scans of FFXIII and Versus XIII, some of those I believe are supposed to be in-game. Regardless the Fabula Nova Crystallis Project is shaping up to be good so far.

With a demo in the future, those awesome scans and the fact that we now know something new of FFXIII 2008 is starting off the right way. I hope we can get FFXIII out by Christmas with Versus XIII following not too far behind for an early 2009 release. With Square-Enix behind the wheel I don’t see how FFXIII is going to be nothing but great.


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