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Published on January 22nd, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

SwitchBlade receives Crowbar-laden Update

Those of you that remember SwitchBlade know that it’s a tool that lets you use your Xbox 360 controller on your PC to play PC games. I was lucky enough to play around with the beginnings of it, and what I touched was awesome…

Now, it gets to be even moreso, as three of the more popular PC titles will be added to SwitchBlade’s arsenal on January 29th. Get ready for Guild Wars, Half-Life 2, and Hellgate: London to it’s supported list.

That’s right, PC gamers – you can now play with your controllers to see once and for all who’s better: keyboard & mouse or control pad. Let the battle begin!

Press Release follows:


Blue Orb Brings its Custom-Tailored PC Gaming Controller Software to Scores of New Titles While Further Refining its Original World of Warcraft Solution.

Maitland, FL – January 22, 2008 – Blue Orb, Inc., the company that brings the console controller experience to PC games with SwitchBlade(TM), has announced plans to add support for Guild Wars, Hellgate: London, and Half-Life 2 on January 29.

The game-specific solutions, called “Blades,” are being fine-tuned by Blue Orb’s user experience team, and promise to bring gamers a whole new way to play these popular titles. In addition to the new offerings, the World of Warcraft Blade has been upgraded, with new class-specific templates that offer a better controller experience to individual classes.

“The WoW Blade launch exceeded even our own expectations,” said Aaron Levin, Vice President of Business Development for Blue Orb. “Its success has only reaffirmed our goal – to provide something that many people have been demanding; the console experience with their PC. It goes beyond just slapping on controller support. Our team creates a finely tuned experience.”

SwitchBlade is now available for free download from,,,, and For more information, please visit

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