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Published on January 17th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

PlayStation Network Update: 01.17.08

It’s about that time for the PlayStation Network Update again, and this week looks to be a fairly large stack of awesomeness. Three games, two demos, DLC for both MotorStorm and Rock Band, trailers, and a stack of themes.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be gaming!


  • Blast Factor Bundle (includes game, MP and AR expansions) – $12.99
  • Mesmerize: Trace (PS Eye Required) – $1.99
  • Tori-Emaki (PS Eye Required) – $1.99


  • FIFA Street 3
  • Turok


  • MotorStorm
    • Eagle’s Nest and Diamondback Speedway track pack – $2.99
  • Rock Band:
    • Sweet – “Action” (Cover) – $1.99
    • The Monkees – “Last Train to Clarksville” (Cover) – $1.99
    • Blink-182 – “All the Small Things” (Master) – $1.99


  • Borderlands – “Debut”
  • Brothers In Arms Hell’s Highway
  • Dynasty Warriors 6
  • Lost Planet
  • PixelJunk Monsters
  • Syphon Filter: Combat Ops


  • Call of Duty 4 theme
  • Mesmerize theme
  • PAIN Ed T-Bone theme
  • PAIN Ice Tea theme
  • Tori-Emaki theme

PSN Content 01/17/07 – NeoGAF

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