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Published on January 15th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Naruto: Ninja Destiny Trailer

Those gamers looking for a 3D DS fighter are in luck — Naruto’s coming to your rescue!

The edition of Naruto: Ninja Destiny that gest released in the US soon will be upgraded from it’s edition that was released in Japan. Not only does it have a speedier framerate, it has new content and gameplay modes!

I could keep you here all day talking to you about it, but I’m sure you’re looking to see the trailer:

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Naruto: Ninja Destiny Trailer

Press Release follows:


LOS ANGELES, CA – January 15, 2008 – TOMY Corporation and D3Publisher of America, Inc. have released an explosive new trailer for NARUTO(TM): Ninja Destiny for the Nintendo DS(TM) handheld system. Available to download and view now, this trailer shows off the iconic, fast-paced ninja combat that awaits NARUTO fans, along with the innovative touch-screen gameplay elements which serve to make the game so unique and intuitive. NARUTO: Ninja Destiny is expected ship to retail stores nationwide in February 2008.

Players can soon take their ninja battles on the road with NARUTO: Ninja Destiny, the first 3D head-to-head NARUTO fighter for the Nintendo DS. Any aspiring ninja can unleash powerful jutsu and take advantage of items to brawl his way to victory against 16 different characters. Dual-screen combat will allow fierce battles to unfold on the top screen while special power ups can be strategically unleashed on the touch screen for fast, frenetic action. Core fighting game fans and casual gamers alike will find plenty to enjoy, thanks to a combo move system that is both intuitive to pick up and challenging to master. With new characters, stages, and a much-improved frame rate, NARUTO: Ninja Destiny offers new content over the original Japanese version while offering a slew of popular gameplay options like the intense single-player story mode, versus, and wireless two-player battles.

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