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Published on January 7th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Xbox Live Diamond Card now a pay service

You haven’t heard the news? Well, it’s really only of importance to current and possible future Xbox Live Diamond card holders, but starting on March 1, 2008, the XBL Diamond card will cost ya.

How much will it cost, you ask? It’s only $7.95 a year.

Now, I know what the vast majority of you are thinking: “What’s this Xbox Live Diamond card even about?” Well, it’s a card you had to register for at the Xbox Live Diamond site that tended to have various coupons associated with it. You could, in theory, take your Xbox Live Diamond card to select retailers and get discounts. That’s where the problem begins…

Xbox Live Diamond Card

The primary gripe that most gamers will have with the card becoming subscription-based is that – in my case, at least – the card is fairly useless. I can’t deny that it’s been sitting in my wallet hoping for the chance to get used. Is that wallet-filling piece of plastic worth $7.95 a year?

Taking a look at Passport Unlimited, the company to be taking over the Diamond card’s back end, shows some promise though. They have multiple levels of services that range from $87.50 to $145. The primary difference between them and the current XBL Diamond card is that Passport Unlimited seems to deal with restauraunts, hotels and resorts. The restaurants seem to give a free entreé with each visit, too…

The question at hand is whether or not the Diamond card is worth the $7.95 a year on top of the $50 a year we currently play for Xbox Live.

As of right now? That’d be a resounding “No” in my opinion. Now if they can show me that the Diamond card will be worth owning in the future, that’s a different story. They seem to be passing the buck off to capable hands, but whether Passport Unlimited can tailor it’s services toward a tech-focused audience remains to be seen.

Xbox LIVE ® Diamond – Registration Changes

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