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Published on January 7th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

The Club demo released for Europe & Australia

Fans of the Project Gotham Racing series and Geometry Wars may have been following this for some time, but the companies’ latest title “The Club” just dropped a demo on Xbox Live in Europe and Australia.

What some gamers might not know is that there was a demo for The Club posted on Europe’s PSN last week. On top of that, both demos have yet to be released to the US.

In a rare moment, North America has gotten the short end of the stick with this demo. Here’s what Bizzare Creations had to say about the demos:

We also finished up on The Club demo (for 360 and PS3) during this time. The demo has already been put online in UK PS3 store, and will be going live onto Xbox Live Marketplace (and the rest of the PS3 world) very, very soon. We’re just waiting for SEGA to confirm the actual dates worldwide, and then we’ll let you guys and gals know.

The demo includes:

* Prison level, “Escape from Newhaven” circuit
* 2 single player game modes: Time Attack and Sprint
* Multiplayer via split screen

Awesome. Looks like I may just have to create a European PSN ID, because this game has me intrigued…

Press Release follows:

SEGA Release Exclusive “Renwick” version of Demo for Intense Action-Packed Shooter, The Club, on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

LONDON (January 7th, 2008) – SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced that from 9 a.m. GMT on Tuesday 8th January, an exclusive demo for the exciting new shooter, The ClubTM will be available via download across Europe and Australia on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the Xbox 360TM video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Developed by industry revered development studio, Bizarre Creations, The ClubTM mixes cutting edge high definition visuals with hyper-addictive score based challenges to deliver the most intriguing and innovative shooter of early 2008.

The demo features:

  • The Prison environment; a disused crumbling, tomb-like Federal Penitentiary, lying in a remote region of one of the less glamorous Rustbelt states.
  • One playable character exclusive to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace version of the demo (Renwick, a tough, no nonsense, NYPD Detective whose investigations brought him too close to The ClubTM).
  • Single player modes ‘Sprint’ and ‘Time Attack’.
  • Multiplayer splitscreen.

As one of eight misfit gladiators players must fight in a shadowy underground blood-sport run by a secret group of sick millionaires. Each character has their own reasons for being in The ClubTM – some are there against their will, others to experience the ultimate high. Whatever their reasons what unites them is the need to kill quickly and skilfully – a challenge those who download this demo will experience first hand.

UK Official Xbox 360 Magazine – “The rules of The Club are simple: you cannot break your stride. You cannot stop. You must be the perfect killing machine. This is Space Invaders for the Quentin Tarantino generation. Welcome to heaven

The ClubTM

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