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Published on January 4th, 2008 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Eidos and Midway to merge?

Once again, it seems that Midway is looking into buying out SCi Games, owne of Eidos Interactive…

A source within a major game publisher told Next-Gen Wednesday that Chicago-based Midway is one company that is interested.

Considering it’s not the first time this merger has been in talks, it’s key to remember that anything is possible. On the other hand though, 2007 was the year for big-name publishers to buy out development houses, so this rumor is definitely plausible.

As long as the merger can assist both companies as far as games go, I don’t think many gamers will be opposed to this move. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see the possible game collaborations that could happen!

  • Hitman: Stranglehold Edition
  • Tomb Raiding Tournament

The above games will likely never happen, but isn’t it awesome to dream? In case it does happen, let’s hope they keep their eyes on the games.

Midway, SCi/Eidos in New Merger Talks [Next Generation]

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