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Published on December 19th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Folding@Home Update Details

Folding@Home update is coming pretty soon and here are the details straight from the Playstation Blog:

  • Automatic shutdown added
  • Music playback straight from the hard drive

That’s pretty much it but its about time they added a sleep timer type function. You can set shutdown to take place after a set amount of time you specify or after it finishes a unit. It will upload the unit and shutdown when it done. Music support is cool I guess for people who like to watch the proteins food or just something for the background either way this is a decent update.

I hope they fixed the problem I had were after a unit would finish it would freeze during the upload causing me to do a hard reset except the last time it happened my PS3 wouldn’t shut down and I had to unplug it which corrupted my hard drive. If this is fixed i will fold like I used to do.

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