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Published on December 18th, 2007 | by Daniel David

PSP Can Play PS1 Games via Remote Play

Tucked away in the new firmware updates for the PSP and PS3 allows a future they really should have told us about and be proud of it. The PSP can play just about any PS1 game off the PS3 via rRmote Play.

SCEA has confirmed this with Kotaku:

I can confirm that with today’s firmware release, some PlayStation games can be inserted into PS3 and played via Remote Play on PSP.

Why would Sony keep quiet about this? This is a great feature, one I’m eagerly want to test out once I get a PSP in the near future. People have played games like Metal Gear Solid to Final Fantasy VII via Remote Play so I take almost any PS1 game is good to go.

You can also assign what buttons do what when you use Remote Play now with the PSP. My need for a PSP has risen greatly.

Source: Kotaku

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