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Published on December 14th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Final Fantasy IV Sequel Heading To Cell Phones

After a re-release on the PS1 and a DS remake on the way Square-Enix has officially announced a sequel to the Snes classic Final Fantasy IV but this one is going to be on cell phones.

Final Fantasy IV The After – Return to the Moon will release on Japanese FOMA 903i model mobile phones in February, with support for other mobiles coming later.

According to Famitsu you play as Theodore, a descendant of the Cecil who was the main character of the Snes title. No word on what the actually story is going to be about right or what kind of gameplay to expect.

Although its most likely this sequel will never make it out of Japan making a sequel to one of the better Final Fantasy’s had to be posted. I’m hoping for a DS or PSP version so that people worldwide could get a chance to play this.

Source: CVG

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