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Published on December 5th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Folklore Add-On Pack Details

For those of you who want more Folklore new add-on packs are should be arriving this month. Eric Fong, Associate Producer of Folklore spells out the details:

Add-On Pack 1: “The Kidnapped Folk”

Set during the timeframe of the original story, this is your opportunity to return to Doolin – gateway to the Netherworld – and take Ellen and Keats’ extraordinary adventure a little bit further. The quests include a mission to recapture a kidnapped Folk and an attempt to regain the trust of Brumbear’s soldiers. The pack also includes a new look for Ellen and a Folk called Maximillian who has a mean cannonball attack.

Add-On Pack 2: “”Bottom of the Sea”

Search the seabed for a mysterious item requested by Damona, get to the bottom of an accident that takes place in the Endless Corridor and complete the Wandering Thoughts mission started in “The Kidnapped Folk” Add-On. For Anime fans, Keats gets a “familiar” body suit that appears when he is in his “trancenscion” state and can face Phutcampus, a new Folk to defeat.

Separately the add-on packs are $3.99 but if you buy them bundled together they are $5.99. I for one will be buying both packs I’ve been waiting for some extra missions for a while now. They have pictures of the new folk and costumes at the Playstation Blog. The folk looks alright but I’m not feeling the costumes.

Source: Playstation Blog

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