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Published on November 27th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Xbox 360 Fall Update Shifts Marketplace

Everyone’s been abuzz trying to figure out what kinds of awesomeness await the Xbox 360 Fall Update, and thanks to Engadget Japanese’s Ittousai and Joystiq, some of the new features have come to light – and some of the features have been on XBL Gamers’ wishlists for quite some time…

First and foremost is the reordering of the Marketplace Blade. Now, there will be a “Game Library” selection that replaces Xbox Live Arcade alongside the “Achievements” and “Played Games” choices. This move is likely due to Microsoft making original Xbox games available for download over Xbox Live. Games like Halo, Psychonauts, Crimson Skies and Fable will be available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 MS Points each. That’s only $15, so at least they’ll be cheaper than buying store copies!

Makes sense – can’t call it Live Arcade when there are entire games available for download, right?

Once you open the Library, you’ll find games listed in a new way. The image accompanying this article showcases that new look.

Games Library’s new look!

On top of that, there’s even more news about Fall Update features:

  • Top level of “marketplace” has been reorganized and reduced to four categories: “Featured Content,” “What’s New,” “Game Store,” and “Video Store” (below top level, categories will be navigated by twist, just like the Game Library)
  • “Personal Profile” added to Gamer Profile; text field allowing approx. 500-1000 characters, providing space to publish name, nationality, region, and self introduction. (Further social networking tools to accompany ‘Friends of Friends’ functionality)
  • XBLA demos deleted from “Played Games” and Gamercard lists

I don’t know about anyone else, but that last one (you know, the one bolded and italicized) has been on my list for quite some time. It’s finally good to see that games you don’t own will be removed from your played game list! I always hated that…

As a final reminder, this list isn’t complete and could change – likely with features added rather than removed – by December 4th, when the update is due to hit.

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Deejay has been a gamer since the Atari 2600, has wrestled–and defeated–alligators with only his toes, and once aligned all the planets in the Solar System by uttering the words "Coo Coo Ka-Choo". In his sleep. He currently bides his time behind the scenes here at, streaming at and teaching.

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