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Published on October 5th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Bungie Becomes Independent: Confirmed

Of all the unprecedented and unheard of things I’ve ever witnessed in my life of watching the gaming industry, this has to be the most unexpected. The rumors you’ve heard all week about Bungie breaking off from Microsoft and becoming an independent developer have been confirmed – by Bungie themselves.

Here’s a short excerpt from their latest update on

As you have no doubt read on the web today, Microsoft Corp. and Bungie Studios, have reached an unprecedented and exciting agreement – starting immediately, Bungie will become an independent company and will retain a long-term publishing agreement with Microsoft Game Studios for “Halo” titles. The new structure became effective on Oct. 1, 2007. The official blurb follows, but since you’re a valuable part of our community, we thought we’d sum it up simply and concisely.

Bungie has long been built on creativity, originality and the freedom to pursue ideas. Microsoft agreed, and rather than stifle our imagination, they decided it was in both our best interests to unleash it. We’ll continue to make Xbox 360 games, and we’ll continue to make amazing games for MGS. In that regard, nothing has changed. All that has changed is that now Bungie Studios is once again, the property of the folks of Bungie Studios. Microsoft is and will continue to be, a brilliant, inventive and creatively collaborative publishing partner. Practically speaking, nothing has changed and you guys won’t see much, if any difference, for a while unless you come to work for us, that is – we’re hiring at

Bungie: Halo 3 MP Armor Faceplate

Sometimes when it comes to internet rumors, you gotta know when to hold ’em, because this move is a massive one. The fact that they’ve agreed to continue working with Microsoft for publishing of titles based in the Halo universe shows that not too much is changing as far as Halo is concerned, and they’ll still continue to make games for the Xbox 360, so not a lot will change.

What I’m waiting to see, however, is whether or not they’ll start working on other consoles. As an owner of the three next-gen home consoles, the thought intrigues me.

The funny thing is that in this particular situation, noone can say whether it will or won’t happen except Bungie. You can’t suggest that it won’t happen – if anyone would’ve suggested two weeks ago that Bungie would become independent of Microsoft, especially with Halo 3 about to release, I would’ve checked their head for recent blunt trauma.

Sometimes internet rumors are right…

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