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Published on September 25th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Microsoft to replace scratched Halo 3 disc

I don’t have to remind anyone that Halo 3 is out as I’m sure that you’re probably playing it as we speak instead of reading this post. But if you taken the time to read this then then you probably aware that the limited edition of Halo 3 has quite a problem.

Due to crap packaging many people are opening up for the first time to see their beloved Halo 3 scratched to hell. Your pissed I know, Microsoft knows to so they are replacing the disc free of charge. It usually cost about $20 to replace the disc.

You have to send them in and allow for about two weeks for delivery and you can only send in one disc of the game and the bonus disc so those who bought extra copies well your out of luck.

Figured something had to go wrong but at least they are replacing it for free, now you just have to wait to weeks.

Source: Gamespot

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