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Published on September 19th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder gets another overhaul!

If you’re a regular visitor to, you’ll find a couple new features next time you log on…

The biggest, as far as I can tell, is the “Bungie Online” page. With features like Bungie Favorites, Active Community Files, and your personal Halo 3 Service Record, you’ll likely be busy for days with all the new areas.

Halo 3: Rocket Inc.

Bungie Favorites looks to be a section for Bungie-selected community screenshots, films, games, and maps. Active Community Files is “A random selection of community files that are being downloaded the most, played the most, and commented on by the Bungie Community.”

Together, the first two pages translate into: You have the capability to be showcased on for something awesome that you create. Remember the Zombie game from Halo 2? If you make something like that, the more people that download it, the better your chances are that it’ll be in the Active Community Files section. If Bungie deems it worthy, you’ll see it broadcast to the entire Halo 3 community via and – quite possibly – through Halo 3 itself.

Also, if you’ve heard the rumor about being banned from Xbox Live if you “somehow” end up with a copy of Halo 3 early, it’s been squashed. Bastelyon of Gamerscore Blog had this to say on the topic:

If you obtain a copy of Halo 3 prior to its street date of Sept 25th, you will NOT be banned from Xbox Live for playing Halo 3 early (not even my fellow softies).

There you have it. has been overhauled to handle – and take advantage of – Halo 3’s new features, and if you get your hands on a (legal) copy of Halo 3 early, you don’t have to be worried about getting banned!

Oh, what a wonderful time it is to be a gamer!

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