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Published on August 21st, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Folding@Home Gets Updated for PS3

When it comes to getting new coats of paint, you can’t help but to want to help out a coat of paint that aims to cure disease!

That’s why I’m so psyched that the Folding@Home client for the PS3 got an update today. They’ve added a couple new features as well as updating the rendering engine. Here’s a couple of quotes from the PlayStation Blog about the update:

Folding@Home Screenshot

We are all very excited here for the release of the new Folding@home (FAH) client for the PS3! This latest update addresses issues in two major areas: user requests and improving the accuracy of the core that we have running on the SPU. In addition, we totally revised the rendering engine for the molecules and added a more sophisticated display format, which is closer to the imagery you find in biology textbooks. This actually required a protocol change and the protein needs to be described in much more detail from Stanford University’s side of things.

Another really cool feature that was also requested by the FAH community is the support of PSP Remote Play. In this latest version we enabled this feature so you can now access FAH remotely from your PSP (that you already own, since it’s such a cool little gadget) which is an awesome combination since the CELL processor is actually doing the Folding job, but the PSP fully controls the UI so you can carry it around with you.

If I owned a PSP, I’d definitely try out the Remote Play, just to say I did it! Even though all it carries is the UI, it’s still furthering the unique PS3 client.

Also, for those interested, feel free to join Folding@Home Team GAMINGtruth! If you want to join up and help fight the good fight with the ‘truth’ enter team code #61441 to join with myself (DeejayKnight) and DoubleD.

We’d love to have you, and it’s for a good cause!

Folding@home Update [PlayStation Blog]

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