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Published on August 15th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Madden NFL 08 Community Day Scores Big

“Madden, Madden, MADDEN!” It’s become a staple of the internet the last couple of days. Why? Maddenoliday, of course!

If you’re a sports gamer on consoles, then now must be your time, as the biggest-selling sports title recently hit stores, and thus far has been getting stellar reviews. Well, I was lucky enough to get a little bit of time with Madden 08 last week at Tiburon’s “Madden NFL 08 Community Day”, and there was MUCH fun to be had.

I arrived a bit late to the party, walking in at about 2pm when everyone else had been there since about 10am. Seeing that everyone was already knee-deep in the Xbox 360 version of the game, I fully expected my rear-end to be thoroughly handed to me.

Let’s just say I didn’t wait long for that!

Madden NFL 08 Community Day - 01

I sat down at the nearest available spot after the game ended, and was then given the opportunity to get punished by some unabominable score. My offense didn’t get the chance to score, but I was lucky enough to run two interceptions back for touchdowns! I wasn’t too satisfied with my scoring, but after having not played a full game of Madden in months, I wasn’t too disappointed.

End score: 50-something to 14. Yes, I know – horrible. I later found out that it could, in fact, get worse.

Things got better before they got worse, though. I was lucky enough to slide in on a conversation with David Ortiz, Lead Producer of Madden. The biggest question I’ve been hearing about is the 60fps on Xbox 360 / 30fps on PlayStation 3, so I asked. His response? Next year, both platforms will have 60fps.

I expected as much, but it’s good to hear from the Lead Producer. Neither Madden 06 or 07 for the 360 ran at 60fps, it took two years to get used to the hardware. The power the next-gen consoles have under the hood takes time to harness, so two releases on PS3 to get used to the hardware, then 60fps. You can listen to internet fanboys all day, but having the guy that runs it all tell you it’s gonna happen is a fantastic feeling.

Madden NFL 08 Community Day - 02

Right after that discussion, I sat down for a quick game with JVB from Podtacular – who was also at the Gamerscore Blog Road Tour this past May. I actually did pretty decent in that game, but we only got to the half before the coup de grace was announced…

There was to be a Madden NFL 08 Tournament, and I was in on it.

The first round was pretty hardcore, as I went up against Andy from MaddenPlanet – last year’s tournament winner. Well, the angels must’ve been on my side with this one, as I ended up with a win to the order of 21-19. Amazing, I know.

My luck wasn’t too far lived though, as I was thoroughly stomped in the next round. It was the first time in a LONG time that I was completely blown out. Over 60 points were scored against my chosen Patriots, with absolutely NO return points to claim at least a small victory over the Chargers’ defense.

Was that sad? Yes, completely. Unexpected? Not so much. After my crushing defeats, I continued to play around and get destroyed for the rest of the day. I was able to hold my head high though, with the fact that not only did I go out with a win under my belt – I beat the last year’s tournament winner. Also, I’m a rookie when it comes to playing on All-Madden difficulty.

Side Note: If you ever plan on playing in a Madden tournament, you might want to live in All-Madden mode. I think I’ve played all of one or two games EVER on that difficulty before. The highest I’ve ever gotten to and been comfortable with is Pro or All-Pro.

I guess that has to change now!

Madden NFL 08 Community Day - 03

As for the new features, the Weapon system is fantastic. It sits atop the normal rating system and showcases certain players’ skills. It sounds like all sugar and spice until you find out that each Weapon can be countered, so it adds quite a bit of strategy.

For instance, there’s nothing better than having a wide receiver like Randy Moss who’s a Spectacular Catcher, go out for a long bomb and pull it in one-handed. It can be countered by a Big Hitter or Shutdown Corner though, so it adds another level of depth atop what is already a fairly deep game of football.

Overall, I had an amazing time at the Madden NFL 08 Community Day, and hope to attend many more. I’ll have gotten used to playing on All-Madden by then, so maybe I might stand a chance against some of the other players!

Thanks to EA Tiburon for hosting the event and the other sites involved. I missed a lot of the site names, but I’d be happy to link to them if I get a full list of who else attended.

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