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Published on August 14th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Want to get banned from PS Home? It's possible!

When it comes to massively multiplayer gaming, some things just come with the territory. Trolls are an unfortunate part of that equation, as they tend to bring the worst out of people due to their anonymity.

Those expecting to troll PlayStation Home, though, may want to take notice: You can get banned from the service. And we’re not talking a regular ban, either. Peter Edward, director of the Home platform for Sony, had an interview with and shed a bit of light on the subject:

PlayStation Home

Edward was discussing supervising the Home environment, although Sony doesnt intend to become a “virtual police” force. Instead, it will be providing different areas within Home depending on the age of the user, helping to apply appropriate non-game branding for products such as cigarettes and alcohol.

“Ultimately we know a users details, we know machine details and we know where they live,” said Edward

“If you really feel like youve been abused or that someone has just shown wholly inappropriate behaviour then you are able to complain about it. If you really, really misbehave you can have your console disconnected at a machine level, so you would actually have to move house and buy a new PS3 before you could get online again.

Harsh, but no different than Xbox Live when you think about it. Go crazy and get yourself banned, then you’ll have to get another console to troll on. Some may find it a bit harsh, but by the wording it seems you need to do something fairly major to get booted from Home.

Since Home will be separated by age group, it’s not very difficult to see what can get you banned in the young/teen sections — I just don’t want to see what it takes to get banned in the “Adult” section of Home, that’s for sure.

Home abusers can be turned off and banned, warns Sony []

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