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Published on August 7th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

ConnectPS3 coming to a Mac near you…

Mac lovers and PS3 owners are free to rejoice! Word has it that Nullriver Software are working on a “ConnectPS3”. For those unaware, Nullriver Software are the developers of Connect360 and PSPWare.

Connect360 is a preference pane for Macs that allows you to stream your iTunes and iPhoto libraries to your Xbox 360. Updates to the software allowed video playback on the Xbox 360, provided the format is compatible with the 360 and in the correct folder.


PSPWare is software for Mac and PC that allows you to sync your PSP with your computer and all kinds of awesomeness ensues. I can’t deny that not owning a PSP I don’t know much about it, but PSP owners that have used it please feel free to chime in!

No official featureset has been announced, but after purchasing Connect360 and knowing what it’s capable of, I’d expect at least iTunes and iPhoto support. Streaming video playback would also be expected, but again – there are no official details at this point.

As to whether the software is actually named ConnectPS3 and whether it’s Mac only I’m not sure, but I was told to keep an eye out on the Nullriver Software RSS feed. After the ease of use with Connect360 though, I expect nothing but good things.


The oft-rumored ConnectPS3 has been released as MediaLink by NullRiver Software.

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