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Published on August 4th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Warhawk Gold – Hits retail on 8/28

PlayStation 3 owners that enjoy mass amounts of multiplayer action will be pleased to find out that Warhawk hits retail on August 28th.

Pricing for the title, which is the first PlayStation Network title to be published on Blu-Ray disc as well, is $39.99 for the PSN download and $59.99 for the retail version. The price is worth it, though, as the Blu-Ray copy not only comes with the game, it also ships with a Jabra Bluetooth headset for chatting with teammates online.

This adds tremendous value to the package, along with being able to install copies of the game onto up to five other PlayStation 3 consoles for LAN multiplayer games. Whether the five copies are over the life of the game or not is still up in the air, but the idea is still awesome.

Warhawk Pin

Also, not to forget, the top 100 beta members will get a special prize. Here’s the details:

So…for the top 100 players, we have prepared a “Top-BETA-Players” award that you will be receiving in the mail soon. It includes a really nice print of the box-art, signed by the team *and* a very, very limited edition metal Warhawk Wings pin! So guys and gals, please keep your eyes out for this in the coming weeks!

There it is! Expect to see me online quite a bit when this game releases. PSN: DeejayKnight. If you don’t mind dogfights and a little third-person action, add it!

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