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Published on August 1st, 2007 | by Daniel David

Resident Evil 5 racist?

The new extended cut of Resident Evil 5 has flag a few racial concerns. Resident Evil 5 is set in what appears to be Africa or something of the sort and Chris Redfield, the main character is seen fighting zombies that happen to be black.

Kym Platt, blogger at Black Looks had this to say about the game:

“The new Resident Evil video game depicts a white man in what appears to be Africa killing Black people. The Black people are supposed to be zombies and the white man’s job is to destroy them and save humanity. “I have a job to do and I’m gonna see it through.”

This is problematic on so many levels, including the depiction of Black people as inhuman savages, the killing of Black people by a white man in military clothing, and the fact that this video game is marketed to children and young adults. Start them young… fearing, hating, and destroying Black people.”

She is not the only one that had this concern about Resident Evil 5. Bonnie Ruberg at The Village Voice said this:

“Resident Evil 5 is already raising questions about racism (White good guys vs. black bad guys? Is this some kind of race war?), or maybe questions about Capcom’s judgment (Who okayed this for production?). As one forum commenter wrote, “Is it just me, or is there something subtly racist about gunning down mobs of angry Africans?”

But the point isn’t to smack one more label on mainstream video games (violent, sexist, racist). The point is that—for this white girl, at least—the Resident Evil 5 trailer is strangely disturbing.”

I can see the concerns for racism here since a white person gunning black people would set of the racial fire. According to Wikipedia stories of zombies originated in the Afro-Caribbean spiritual belief system of Vodoun so setting the game in this sort of environment makes sense and I doubt there would be many white people in those kind of areas.

Me personally being black I didn’t take offense since we have been killing white zombies since the first Resident Evil and the game just looked bad ass to me. We don’t even know if this is the only place in the game, the setting could shift to where black people wouldn’t be all to common in the game.

I think what Kym Patt said about the quote “I have a job to do and I’m gonna see it through” is taken way out of context and I doubt she has ever played any Resident Evil games which from this quote you would understand that Chris has been fighting Umbrella for a long time now and he would like to put an end to thier organization. Genocide isn’t the goal of this character.

This is going to be an issue for a while and I hope it doesn’t hinder what looks to be another great game in the Resident evil franchise. Like I said I can see why some people could get offended but for me at least I don’t think Capcom were trying to be racist or anything they are just trying to make a game that gamers would enjoy.

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