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Published on July 27th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Heavenly Sword demo impressions

I’ve played the hell out of this demo, all 5-10 minutes of it. I know some people are quick to call this Goddess of War but I disagree with that statement. Heavenly Sword is Heavenly Sword and even though the demo is really short come September this should by on your most wanted list.

The demo starts off with Nariko talking to her sister Kai about having to find her father. The voice work and facial animations are gorgeous with the voices syncing to the characters perfectly. After this segment you get control of Nariko and the fun really starts.

You start by running on the rope, a sequence they have shown off before. Pressing the right button which God of War made famous you run down the rope and, kick some guy of the top of the platform and begin the fight. You have throw stances available to you at all times which are speed, your default stance, power and range.

In the speed stance you use two blades and you move fairly quick, in power your weapon becomes one huge sword and you move slower but of course you have more power and range your weapons turn into two chain blades, these are weakest but they can deflect projectiles at the cost that you can not block in this stance. There is no jump button but you don’t need it and you roll with the right analog stick.

When fighting this is when Heavenly Sword comes into its own. There are a good number of combos for each stance and more importantly you need to know the moves that break guards because the A.I is fairly smart and they will block a lot so you can’t just button mash your way though. When in combos you can switch immediately into another stance like power or range by holding R1 or L1. This opens up another set of combos and your imaginations is your only limit.

One of my favorite things about this game is the counter system. Pressing triangle at the right time will zoom in for a cinematic counter ranging from breaking necks to just kicking the hell out of a somebody. You block just by being neutral which works fine and to really dish out the pain you have special moves you use with the circle button. These are fantastic and look really, really painful. A sword to the nuts is not a good way to die. You can only pull this off by filling up a meter at the top right which has three circles. One circle you will just kill that person, two and three hurts everyone in the area.

You can pick just about anything in the environment and throw it ranging from dead bodies to swords and shields. To pick things up and throw you use the X button. For the SixAxis support if you hold down X when you throw it you go into after touch mode which you can steer what you throw by tilting the controller. It works pretty good and different objects have different properties which adds some realism to it. I have to say it feels pretty good taking out multiple people using the after touch.

The graphics like great along with really good music too. The combat system is pretty deep and I can’t wait to what kind of moves you unlock later on in the game. I don’t really have much bad to say about this other then the demo being too short. The demo does its job by giving you taste and leaving you wanting more. Heavenly Sword is a must have title for your PS3 and I suggest no one skip this title. If you played this share your thoughts with us.

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