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Published on July 16th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Heavenly Sword demo done, waiting to be released

Over at the Ninja Theory forum Mike Ball (Chief Technology Ninja) aka Ninja Mikey had some things to talk about which were mainly about E3 but he dropped some info about the Heavenly Sword demo.

“People at home really want to get hands on too. Well, let me just tell you all that the dev team has finished work on the demo.. that’s it… it’s in the bag… so now it’s a case of Sony deciding when they feel is the best time to release it to PlayStation Network.”

I think the best time would be this week don’t you think. We all know its done now Sony so let the Thursday update include the demo since everyone at E3 seemed to really like this game and like Ninja Mikey said, we really want to get some hands on time.

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