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Published on July 5th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Xbox 360 Warranty Expanded to Three Years

Microsoft announced today that the warranty for the Xbox 360 has been extended to three years for any console, old or new, that displays the three rings of death.

Beyond that basic extension of the warranty, they’re not only repairing the consoles free of charge but reimbursing those who have paid for the repairs already.

That’s some serious class. To top off said class, Peter Moore issued an Open Letter on admitting fault and pledging to get the problem taken care of. Here’s a snippet:

As of today, all Xbox 360 consoles are covered by an enhanced warranty program to address specifically the general hardware failures indicated by the three flashing red lights on the console. This applies to new and previously-sold consoles. While we will still have a general one year console warranty (two years in some countries), we are announcing today a three-year warranty that covers any console that displays a three flashing red lights error message. If a customer has an issue indicated by the three flashing red lights, Microsoft will repair the console free of charge—including shipping—for three years from the console’s purchase date. We will also retroactively reimburse any of you who paid for repairs related to problems indicated by this error message in the past. In doing so, Microsoft stands behind its products and takes responsibility to ensure that every Xbox 360 console owner continues to have a fantastic gaming experience.

Wow. Just wow. That means that even gamers that bought their consoles on launch day are good until the fall of 2008.

Serious class, indeed.

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