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Published on July 5th, 2007 | by Daniel David

PS3 price cut $100, on sale after July 12

Sony hasn’t confirmed it yet but the people at GameDaily Biz received confirmation from a retail sector that the PS3 will be dropped to $499 next week.

This first started when somebody posted an Circuit City ad (shown above) showing the PS3 with the $100 price cut. Many people thought that it was just a promotion Circuit City was doing but one of the world’s biggest retailers confirmed that it is retail-wide. The $499 PS3 will go on sale July 12 with but the new ads promoting the price cut won’t hit till July 15.

Probably the biggest gripe about the system has been answer. I know some are going to say but where are games and I believe Sony will answer that at E3. If you were on the fence between which system to get I’m sure this made it a lot harder to chose now.

Sony is listening to the people it seems and this price cut although early is exactly what it needed. This should change a lot of people’s mind about buying the PS3. If your not happy with this then there’s nothing I can say but either way you look at it Sony made the right move with this price cut because this is exactly what people wanted.

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