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Published on June 30th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Beautiful Katamari dropped on the PS3, rolls on the Wii

First and foremost this a rumor so don’t get riled up about this news. Over at IGN word is that due to trouble with the port of the game to the PS3 and lower install base, Namco Bandai has dropped the PS3 version for a Wii Katamari instead.

They say this move is because of the unexpected sales of the Wii. Since they can’t port this over from the Xbox 360 they have re-shifted resources and the game is being redesigned for the Wii.

Namco Bandai has not commented on this so far so this is not confirmed in any way.

If this is true this is sad for the PS3 because this does seem like a game the Sixaxis could be good for and for the fact that they having troubles porting it so they scrape for a Wii version seems a bit lazy to me. A Wii version is fine so I have no complaints there.

Either way nothing is confirmed so as soon as we hear something about this you will.

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