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Published on June 25th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Carcassonne arrives on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday!

Those of you who haven’t heard my incessant ranting about how awesome Carcassonne is will get the chance to see for yourselves this Wednesday, as the title is finally coming to Xbox Live.

For starters, the game takes about half the time it takes to play Catan. That’s already a plus, as you’ll get to play games much more often. Adding to that, you can play multiplayer games on the same console. That’s right, 4 players to a console all playing Carcassonne is completely possible and you’ll be able to play with five over Xbox Live.

This version of the game contains twelve tiles from The River expansion pack, and is supposed to receive further expansions in the future.

Carcassonne will cost 800 MS Points ($10) when it releases to Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a showcase of Carcassonne’s gameplay. It may not look like much because haven’t played the tutorial yet, but rest assured that this game is full of win.

[coolplayer width=”480″ height=”380″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””]
Carcassonne Gameplay Video

I already have a couple challenges laid out to a select few people, but I’m impatient for this one. I’ll be downloading it as soon as I can. I highly recommend downloading the demo and taking a whirl.

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