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Published on June 21st, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Sony to release 380 new titles by March 2008?

You could be forgiven if you didn’t want to believe it, but apparently Sony expects to release three hundred and eighty new titles by March 2008.

Excuse me if I don’t hold my breath:

A lack of attractive games has been widely cited as a reason for the PS3’s relatively weak performance in addition to the fact that it is twice as expensive as the Wii.

More than 200 packaged software titles will likely be released for the PS3 in the year to March 2008, and more than 180 titles are expected to be launched over the Internet, Stringer said.

“PlayStation 3 going forward will be vital to our future and we’ll succeed,” said Stringer, the first non-Japanese to run the Tokyo-based electronics and entertainment conglomerate.

That’s definitely a lot of titles. Two hundred titles to retail by March 2008 averages about twenty-two titles on the market per month. Not to say that it’s impossible, especially considering the Christmas season fast approaching, but that’s a hardcore announcement to make publicly.

To pull this off, that means that they have to have at least half of those titles should be at or near the final stages. Considering the fact that publishing games and getting them to retail could take as much as a month, that leaves even less time for those titles to get finalized and shipped.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t devolve into shipping incomplete games only to release patches over the internet.

On the other side of the coin, if they can pull off that many games to retail and have a decent amount of games that I’d want to play, I might start considering a PS3 purchase. Their current situation still hinges on the fact that it’s too expensive and there aren’t enough games being released. Two things that will keep me from considering one (primarily the price point).

A price drop and a ton of games – even if most of them are drivel – would make the PS3 a bit more appealing in gamers’ eyes. Then again, that leads into a different argument altogether.

Sony promises more games to boost PS3 demand [Reuters]

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