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Published on June 19th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Ask-A-Dev: Blue Orb

Not too long ago, the Ask-A-Dev feature was announced here at GAMINGtruth, and our first developer is Blue Orb. Blue Orb, thus far, is known for releasing the Texter – an adapter that turns your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 2 controller into a keyboard, of sorts.

Not too long ago, I had a visit to Blue Orb to interview them with your questions. How did it go? Read on to see…

When I arrived at the Blue Orb offices, I was greeted by a couple of the team members and Walt Wilson. Shortly afterward, I was given a demonstration of the Texter’s abilities using Phantasy Star Universe on the Xbox 360. Not too long after that, we got down to the questions:

Rated from the PSU Forums asks: “How long is the learning cycle? Do they have, or will they come out with a typing tutor for the device?
According to the team, it takes about a half an hour of training to get the concept. You have to try it a couple times for it to really make sense. As far as a typing tutor, the Phantasy Star Universe Special Edition comes with a “Playground CD” that contains training exercises, mini-games, etc.
ROB31 from the PSU Forums asks whether there’ll be a wireless version of it.
When asked about wireless capabilities, the reply was that they’re looking for options for wireless users but can’t get anything specific due to Microsoft’s locking of the wireless from third parties. The Play & Charge kit only connects with the battery, so that’s ruled out as an option.
NostraJonus from Unscripted360 asks: “Will the texter device be compatible with windows messenger on the Xbox360?”
Yes it is. It’s compatible with anywhere there can be keyboard input, which includes the entire Xbox 360 dashboard.
And even though there were a lot of people that asked the question sarcastically, the most common question was “Why use the texter over a keyboard or the upcoming chatpad?”

To the team, that was a simple answer:

Minimizing hardware where you game. When using a keyboard, you have to put down your controller to type. If you had the chatpad, you’d have to adjust the controller in your hands to use it. With the Texter though, it never leaves the position it starts in, and allows you to quickly and easily get back to the action when need be.

Check back shortly. I’ll have a review of the Texter soon!

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