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Published on June 18th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Band of Bugs hits XBL Wednesday

You can’t beat a good turn-based strategy game, and that’s just what’s hitting Xbox Live this Wednesday in the form of “Band of Bugs”.

Maal is an unhappy bug who needs structure and a purpose in his life, so he joins the royal army under the tutelage of the battle-hardened mantis warrior Tiernan. Now, he must begin his quest to save the Queen and the kingdom. NinjaBee’s Band of Bugs puts you in Maal’s shoes … er, footpads, and sets you in the middle of a fast-playing, accessible, tactical strategy game designed specifically for Xbox LIVE® Arcade. This turn-based tactics game expands the genre by providing a unique Level Editor, allowing gamers to create levels and play them online with friends.

* Tasty tactics: One of the few turn-based tactics games available, Band of Bugs provides gameplay deep enough to be satisfying to established fans of the genre, but friendly enough to appeal to all types of casual gamers.
* Multiple game modes: The game includes a story-based campaign and stand-alone missions as well as several unique multiplayer modes: Elimination, Escape, and Capture.
* Create your own levels: The game has fifty levels, but also features a Level Editor allowing you to design custom scenarios and play them solo or over Xbox LIVE with your friends.

As a gamer who enjoys turn-based strategy games, this is nothing short of amazing. To see a strategy that fits within the confines of XBLA, has 4 player multi-player, AND the ability to make your own levels has me highly intrigued.

With Prince of Persia Classic, Band of Bugs, and soon to be Carcassonne, Xbox Live Arcade is trying successfully to dig into my pockets on a fairly consistent basis. If they keep this level of quality up, my MS Points will be getting refreshed on a regular basis – and the one week wait in between XBLA titles wouldn’t seem so long…

Band of Bugs – Game Detail Page []

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