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Published on June 12th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

America's Army Coming Exclusive to Xbox 360

America’s Army is at it again, this time releasing America’s Army: True Soldiers exclusively on the Xbox 360. But don’t think for one second that this is a simple rehash of the previous games. This one contains large quantities of “Awesome”. More details inside.

IGN was lucky enough to get some hands-on time recently along with getting an interview with Randy Greenback, Creative Director of America’s Army: True Soldiers. Here’s a bit from the story:

IGN: Explain the Play-Lead-Recruit feature.

Greenback: Play-Lead-Recruit enhances our clan system in the game by rewarding socialization online by focusing on Honor and Respect. It is meant to highlight the esprit de corps in the U.S. Army. By playing honorably you will earn Honor Points which will work to increase your rank and status on the leaderboards.

You will also earn Respect Tokens that you can give out at the end of matches to your team members to show your respect. The respect that you give other players and you receive from them translates directly into Honor Points. Playing with others online and recruiting them into your Army Unit will also earn you respect, increasing your total honor. The more you mentor and teach others, instructing them to be better soldiers, the more likely they are to give you Respect Tokens after playing with them.

IGN: Once I’m online, what game modes will be available besides the standard deathmatch?

Greenback: We have lots of variety as far as our multiplayer modes go and we are aiming to make fans happy with access to tons of options that will allow them to customize gametypes to their liking. Our Co-Op campaign features 8 missions and can be played with up to 16 players online over Xbox Live and should provide a lot of challenge and replayability to players.

AA: TS features an all new multiplayer mode called Competitive Training (CT). Competitive Training lets you enter into 1 of 3 different target ranges to compete with up to 15 other players to truly see who the better soldier is. Pop-up targets and vehicles are displayed and it is then a race to see who can hit the most targets over the course of the match. Players can play to a score limit, a time limit, and are awarded different point amounts based on the target type that they shot. CT is also a great place for Clans to hang out and get some practice in before a big match.

I’ve been a fan of the America’s Army series since it’s beginnings on the PC, but to find out that they’re using the GRAW 2 engine? That kind of thing intrigues me. Sixteen player co-op makes this a must-own.

Not to mention all the additional elements to multiplayer, such as Play-Lead-Recruit and Competitive Training. I like the idea of a non-destructive mode that allows target practice before the match/mission. That’s going to be a great warmup after not playing for a couple days. All that and team-based achievements?

I’ll be signing up this September. For the game, that is – not the military. I’ve done my time already!

America’s Army Invades Xbox 360 [IGN]

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