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Published on June 8th, 2007 | by Daniel David

New Redesigned PSP Details

Kotaku yet again has gotten the scoop on the new redesigned PSP coming to the market soon. This is technically a rumor right now but given this is Kotaku I’m sure this is true.

This new PSP will still have the same internal hardware for the most part but with a much slimmer design, due to a new LED screen that will deliver a better display but take up less space. The LED screen will also increase battery life four times more then the PSP out now.

It will still use UMD but will be a faster version to speed up loadtimes and gameplay. The new PSP will also come with an 8GB internal flash memory. Last the buttons and D-pad are getting a much needed revamp as well.

Something Sony is considering whether or not to put in a built-in camera as they decide if the cost of adding the device will be benefit gamers. Sony hasn’t decided yet if they want the glossy or matte finish.

The price is to be expected to be under $170. The new PSP should be displayed to the world at this year’s E3 with it going on sale somewhere around August.

This sounds great since there are a handful of games I want to play on the PSP namely Lumines, I still love that game. I think this redesigned answers what most people wanted Sony to work on but I do hope they drop the camera to make it cheaper for us to pick up. If anything make it optional accessory to buy if you want it.

With games to back this up the PSP could start to look more promising added with its remote play functionality with the PS3.

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