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Published on June 4th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Upcoming Developer Brash Entertainments gets Rights to Saw Franchise

In news that could either be taken as amazing or troublesome, newly formed Brash Entertainment has acquired the rights to make a game based on the Saw franchise.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement at GameDaily BIZ:

One of the first projects the company has revealed is a series of games based on the blockbuster horror franchise Saw from Lionsgate. The Saw films have grossed more than $400 million worldwide and have sold more than 15 million DVDs.

Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns commented, “The Saw franchise is a proven brand in the film space, and it’s important to us that the story translates to both the film and game experience in a way that is meaningful and exciting to both movie fans and gamers. The Brash team respects film IP, is passionate about games and cares about quality just as much as we do. They will partner with the best game developer for the project, and then we will all work together in close collaboration.”

There’s even a bit of info about Brash in the “About Us” section of their website:

Welcome to Brash Entertainment, a new video game production company focused on developing compelling, high-quality games based on theatrical and original intellectual property.

By bringing together Hollywood’s brightest creative talent and the game industry’s most innovative independent game development studios, our experienced production team will realize the full potential of today’s most popular films and television shows.

While it looks promising, this isn’t the first time that Hollywood and the gaming industry have teamed up. The only way we’ll get to the bottom of this is by playing or seeing the final product.

If they can make a game that conveys the helplessness of the victims in Saw, while allowing you to think your way out of certain death, this could go a long way towards finally having a video game based on a movie that’s actually worth playing. Any way it goes, those of you that watched the Saw series and proudly exclaimed “I could see that coming a mile away!” will soon get your chance to prove it.

While no console has been announced, expect this to be announced for next-gen consoles when they have product to show off.

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