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Published on May 18th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Modded Xbox 360s Banned from Xbox Live!

Cheaters beware – the Ban Hammer has been dropped!

One of the great things about LIVE and the unified community is that we work hard to create a level playing field for all gamers and have a no tolerance policy towards inappropriate behavior like hacking or cheating. As part of our commitment to our members, we do not allow people that we have detected to have modified their console to connect to LIVE. This is an important part of our efforts to try and maintain a fair gaming environment for the large majority of gamers that play by the rules. This topic is more important than ever given the recent release of the Halo 3 beta. As a result, some consumers that try to login to LIVE who we detect have illegally modified their console will get an error code (Status Code: Z: 8015 – 190D) when trying to connect to the service. These users will not have their account automatically banned from LIVE, but they will no longer be able to access the service from the console they modified.

We have stated in the past that customers can only enjoy access to the Xbox LIVE community through the use of a genuine, unmodified, Xbox console and we will continue to enforce this rule to ensure the integrity of our service, the protection of our partners and the benefits of our users.

I don’t think it’s possible to stress enough how awesome this is. It sends out a clear message to cheaters who access the live service that this kind of action will not be accepted. There’s bound to be a certain amount of innocents affected, though, so it’s at least good that they don’t ban the affected Xbox Live account completely. Then again, the possible innocents affected is an entirely different argument altogether.

Overall, though, banning cheaters is always a plus. It’s also a reminder that the “Stealth Mod” you might have expected to be completely stealthed wasn’t as stealty as you might have thought to the company that made the console…

Keeping Xbox LIVE Fair [via Gamerscore Blog]

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