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Published on May 18th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Halo Wars in Multiplayer Playtesting

There aren’t many times when I get jealous of developers. They work long hours and endure countless troubles to ship a game they expect gamers to like, and the majority don’t get much respect for that.

Ensemble, on the other hand, gets tons of respect – AND they get to playtest Halo Wars. Consider me a bit jealous. Mostly about playing Halo Wars…

It’s no secret that we’ve been playing Halo Wars for quite awhile now. The vast majority of our games are multiplayer games, as they are pretty easy to set up and get going since you don’t have to worry about a bunch of triggers or creating an AI opponent like you would if you played a scenario or AI skirmish game. For multiplayer, all you need is some sort of map to play on and two or more willing participants.

The earliest playtest sessions that we had were about getting the controller scheme down so that everyone could play the game easily enough. These days playtest sessions have evolved well beyond that to making the game as fun as it can possibly be.

So they’re playing it and it’s fun? Yea, I think jealous is a good word.

Now that RTS’ are becoming more console-friendly, will we start to see the kind of PC / Xbox 360 crossovers like Shadowrun carry over? If so, I don’t know how fair it’s going to be for console owners. I think first-person shooters might be fun to play against a PC user, but a real-time strategy?

That would be intriguing…

Halo Wars Update 05.16.07 [via Halo Wars Forums]

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