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Published on May 14th, 2007 | by Daniel David

GRAW 2 PS3 added content

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 is coming to the PS3 with a slew of additional content. It seems the wait will be well worth it this time around.

The new content are:

  • SixAxis features : Controller features used for Mitchell & Cross-com control
  • SP : Drive the supports (drone, M.U.LE) with the SixAxis functionality
  • SP/MP : Change Mitchell stances with the SixAxis
  • SP : change the Rules of Engagement with the SixAxis
  • Consistency increased between SP & MP: Scope, Movement, Aiming
  • PS3 specifics adaptation of controls: Menus, Shoot button
  • 14 additional maps resulting in a total of 32 MP maps

SixAxis support is fine but the 14 additional maps is great. No word yet if these new maps are heading to the Xbox 360 or if they will be free for that matter. This is exactly what they need to do to get people buy this for the first time or again for that matter if you have both systems.

GRAW 2 for the PS3 is due out June 7. Has Ubisoft convinced you to buy GRAW 2 for the PS3? I think I’m sold.


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