Published on May 11th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Calling All Cars! Review

Developer: Eat Sleep Play
Platform: PlayStation 3 [Reviewed]
Release Date: May 10, 2007

Calling All Cars has finally been released and I’m going to tell you if this game is worth the $10 asking price.


This game won’t win any kind of graphics contest but the cartoonish style they went with fits the game perfectly. The environments look great and so do the different kind of cars you have to choose from. It also displays at 1080p and 60 fps so there are not complaints in this apartment.


Calling All Cars supports Stereo and Dolby Prologic II. There’s a lot of action in this game since each player is fighting over criminals that appear on each map and the sound fits it just fine. The music featured fits the theme of the game perfect, you counldn’t ask for any better. I love the announcer for this game too.


This is where Calling All Cars shines. The goal of this game is to capture the criminals that appear on the map and hull their sorry asses off to jail, paddy wagon or by helicopter for points but your also competing against three other cars in the process. The person with the highest score at the end of the time limit wins.

There are three gameplay types which are tournament, single play and mulitplayer. Tournament you compete against the computer at each of the four stages where you must wine to advance. Single play is you choose the stage and play, simple enough. Multiplayer you can either play 4-player split-screen, online or split-screen online with a friend. Online play is lag free and feels faster then when playing by yourself.

You can steal criminals from each other by ramming the person who has the thug or by using weapons placed on the maps. Question marks on the field gives you a random weapon which are either a giant mallet, a missile, or a magnet to snatch the bad guy from their car. Using each weapon isn’t hard to fathom. The mallet you smash whoever is in the area and if they have the hoodlum they pop out and is yours for the taking. The missile you shot which you can also look onto people as long you keep it steady for a few seconds and the magnet you must keep beam on the opponent and they instantly transfer to you when you are successful.

You have boost and nitro as well. The boost in infinite but you must wait a couple seconds between each nitro use.

With four different maps to choose from this game is blast to play with by yourself, with friends or online. Each map is unique and offers a different challenge for to get points such as a jail freezing over or no jails at all. It also supports voice chat so you can get pwned by little boys and girls who continuously calls you a clown and laughs at you (this really happend while I was playing, good stuff). There are a good amount of cars to unlock and they tell you how to unlock them.

Any drawbacks would be that there are only four maps and the different cars don’t feel different at all. Given the nature of the game this is a good choice but hopefully down the line more maps will be available in the future. The A.I will begin to whip some tail in the higher difficulty too. You can not escape the magnet when the A.I uses it, no escape.


Calling All Cars is a great party game. This game will make you laugh, curse, fight, taunt children, drink, smash t.v’s, and you will never feel better in your entire life. O.k I don’t know about the whole life thing but bottom line is if you haven’t downloaded this game already stop reading and buy it now. Calling All Cars is good, simple, clean fun and delivers on everything it aimed for. This is a great game and I highly recommend you buy this now.

This my friends is the GAMING truth.


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