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Published on May 1st, 2007 | by Daniel David

New Gears of War maps this Thursday

Gears maps just keep coming. The “Hidden Fronts” map pack is planned to hit this Thursday at 9 a.m. GMT. This pack will cost 800 points for four maos or you can wait till Sept. 3, 2007 to get them for free.

Bullet Marsh: In this Kryll-infested swamp, an old generator still powers the area lights. A few stray bullets could easily knock out the generator, leaving combatants to fend for themselves against the Kryll.

Garden: This overgrown and crumbling conservatory still has a working fertilization and pesticide system. This system can pose a serious hazard to anyone who ventures into the greenhouse without first venting the air.

Process: Teams must fight for control of this subterranean Imulsion processing plant, still active despite the cessation of the Pendulum wars.

Subway: Timgad’s Central Subway station used to serve as a central hub for commuters. Now the tunnels are crawling with Locust.

Are you going to wait and get them for free or spend the 800 points now?


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